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11:26 am - Touchdown Purdue… Badgers look like they have some major rust, and they need to shake it off real soon.  Badgers should get it going in the 2nd Quarter.

11:53 am – FIELD GOAL BADGERS! Well after a huge forced fumble by the Badgers Defense, the offense couldn’t turn it into a Touchdown as they went 3 and out.  Still managed a Field Goal…. Purdue leads 7 – 3

12:09 pm - Field Goal Purdue…  Badgers Defense doesn’t look very good at all, they are letting a Freshman Quarterback move up and down the field right now.  Purdue leads 10 – 3 with 1:03 left in the 1st half!  Badgers really need some momentum change right now, and a perfect spot if they can get some points before the end of the half.

12:17 pm – FIELD GOAL BADGERS! Well the Badgers din’t really get anything going in that 1st half, but did manage a little bit of momentum before the end of the half with a field goal…. End of the 1st half Badgers trail at the end of the half 10 – 6.

12:35 pm - Purdue will start the 2nd half with the ball leading 10 – 6.  A huge reason for the score being in favor of Purdue has to be the fact that Purdue is 6 – 9 on 3rd downs thus far!

12:41 pm - Big INT by the Badgers LB St Jean!  Wisconsin takes over inside the 20 yard line!  Very good start to the 2nd half!

12:46 pm –  TOUCDOWN BADGERS!!! Six yard TD pass from Tolzien to Jarred “Baby Welker” Abberderis!  Big start to the 2nd half for the badgers, force a turnover and turned it into a TD!  Badgers lead 13 – 10

12:51 pm – First half Purdue was 6 – 9 on 3rd Down… 2nd half they are 0 – 2 with an INT!  3rd Downs and turnovers are huge factors in Football games.

1:05 pm –  TOUCDOWN BADGERS!!! Monte Ball had a 63 yard TD called back on the last drive due to a holding call, but this time he scored from 31 yards out, and the Badgers seem to be taking control of the game… Wisconsin leads 20 – 10!  John Clay has been out for two series in a row with a knee injury, but he seems fine as he is walking around on the sideline!

1:12 pm – Badger defense is really stepping it up in the 2nd half!  Like I said earlier Purdue was 6 – 9 on 3rd downs in the 1st half, now 0 – 4 on 3rd down here in the 2nd half!  Very nice effort by this Badger “D”!!

1:20 pm - END of the 3rd Quarter:  Badgers lead 20 – 10 but Purdue is driving!  SIDE NOTE: IOWA IS ON UPSET ALERT, Iowa trails Indiana 13 – 9!

1:26 pm - Purdue Field Goal.  Badgers still lead 20 – 13, but this game is far from over!  Stay tuned!

1:32 pm - Purdue comes up with a big defensive stop.  Badgers are forced to punt and Purdue has a chance to tie this game!

1:37 pm – HUGE INT by the Badgers!  Almost returned for a TD, but Bucky has the ball inside the Red Zone!  Wisconsin needs to put the ball in the End Zone here!

1:39 pm - TOUCHDOWN BADGERS!!! Monte Ball scores again!  Badgers take a 27 – 13 lead!  Big momentum change with the INT and then to turn it into a TD is big!

1:45 pm –  TOUCHDOWN BADGERS!!! Huge INT returned for a TD by Bucky!  Wisconsin now leads 34 – 13!  Bucky has outscored Purdue 31 – 3 since trailing 10 – 3 late in the 1st half!  “Teach Me How To Bucky”

1:58 pm – I’M calling this one!  Badgers held Purdue on 4th down, and Monte Ball is getting it done today, 13 carries for 104 yards and 2 TD’s…. not bad for the 3rd string running back!  See all you guys next week!  Badgers vs Indiana weekly articles check it out this week!

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