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Poll Question: Are Badgers Worthy of No. 1 Seed in NCAA Tournament?

We all know that the Wisconsin Badgers started the season as hot as anyone, winning their first 16 games as things were looking great for this team.

And then the middle of January came and the Badgers lost five of six games from January 14 to February 1. Two of those losses, Indiana and Northwestern, were hard to take especially.

Now Wisconsin finds themselves in the midst of a five-game winning streak and things are starting to look up again for this squad. The Badgers have one of the better RPI ranks in the nation (5) and their strength of schedule is behind only Kansas in all of college basketball.

Not to mention Wisconsin plays in the Big Ten, widely considered one of the best and toughest conferences in the country. Many like the way the Badgers are playing and have fought through adversity earlier in the year, and now some experts are saying they could make a strong push for a top seed in the NCAA tournament.

Many things would have to go the Badgers way. One would be to win out the regular season and then win the conference tournament. A little help with some of the other top teams losing would also have to happen.

Hypothetically speaking if the Badgers do happen to win the conference tournament, regardless of what happens to other teams in the country, do you think they would be worthy of a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

Are the Badgers Worthy of No. 1 Seed?

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  • Ross

    Not even if they win the tournament. Can’t lose that many games in a short span. 2 pretty bad losses too. Especially with the likes of Florida Arizona Syracuse Kansas at the top. Dare I also say Wichita state? Too many teams for them to jump to get a 1 seed

    • tbbully

      Well, Duke loss to WF, Kansas loss to mediocre WV…a team the badgers beat for 8th loss…AZ loss to OK Oregon team…none of these teams are Ranked…need I say more?

      • Ross

        Well I have a few responses to your fail of a response.

        1) I said this 13 days ago long before the Kansas loss and Syracuse slide and Duke loss.

        2) By your logic of being able to see the future the badgers lost to Nebraska who is a non tournament team so…..

        3) Yes those teams have some mediocre to bad losses but didnt lose 5 of 6 games. To might I say some mediocre competition.

        4) My point still stands as Wichita State is guaranteed a 1 seed now. As is Florida. And if Kansas and Arizona win their tournament they get the last two for sure. Which isn’t a stretch by any means.

        Need I say more? Stop being a homer and be realistic.

  • The Dead Critic

    They would have to win out including the BIG10 tourney, then get help by other teams losing. Those 5 UGLY loses in a row destroyed their dream season. They are a streaky team, and lose focus, of which I blame the coach at times for being arrogant enough to believe his team is ready for the game.

  • tbbully

    Just beat Nebraska…rest will take care of itself…#1 seed…go Bucky!