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So You’re Saying There’s a Chance; Jay Bilas Thinks Badgers Could Get No. 1 Seed

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As the calendar flips to another month, the road to the Final Four is getting that much shorter. That also means the discussion for which four teams should get a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament is heating up. The Wisconsin Badgers have been in that conversation and back out of it throughout the season. As the regular season is winding to an end, one ESPN analyst thinks the Badgers have a possibility of earning a top seed.

That man is none other than Jay Bilas himself.

On Saturday afternoon Bilas answered some fan questions using the #BarkatBilas. One fan asked him if the Badgers had a chance at a No. 1 seed. Bilas had this to say:


Add Bilas to the list of analysts who feel this way. Dan Dakich is another one who thinks the Badgers could earn a one seed as well.

Yes, there is a possibility the Badgers can get a one seed in the tournament, but in my opinion I believe it is very small. I understand what Bilas is saying when he says Wisconsin can get there with a finish and how their resume is great and they pass the eye test.

But they need help, and plenty of it. It won’t be just enough for the Badgers to win out the regular season and win the Big Ten tournament. They would need some of these top teams to have some bad losses in the next few weeks.

It is refreshing however to see some of these analysts showing some respect to Wisconsin. Whether the Badgers actually do receive a one seed, that remains to be seen. All they can do for themselves is win and let the chips fall where they may.

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  • Ross

    No way. Too many teams to jump. First of all I don’t see them winning all of their remaining games. Florida and Wichita State are locked into 1 seeds. Kansas Duke Syracuse Virginia Vilanova Creighton Michigan Michigan State are all ahead of the Badgers to get a 1 seed. Virginia too as of now. That’s a lot of teams.

    • Taylor

      That’s why it’s a very, very slim chance. Not saying it’s impossible or improbable, but there is that chance. I also agree that they even if they do happen to win their remaining games, they would need a ton of help. There’s probably only one No. 1 seed really up for grabs as I see Arizona as well as Wichita State and Florida grabbing the other three. So you’re looking at about a handful of teams or so battling for that last No. 1 seed. Is it likely the Badgers get that spot? No, but it’s also not completely impossible quite yet.