Mar 29, 2014; Anaheim, CA, USA; NCAA officials Bryan Kersey (left) and Tony Greene (center) and Mike Eades (right) talk during overtime in the finals of the west regional of the 2014 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship tournament between the Arizona Wildcats and the Wisconsin Badgers at Honda Center. The Badgers defeated the Wildcats 64-63. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Official Review Says Wisconsin Moves On

The use of the official review during the last two minutes of a college basketball game showed its major flaw last night in Wisconsin’s Elite Eight win over top-seeded Arizona.

With under three seconds to go in overtime, Wisconsin attempted to inbound the basketball under Arizona’s hoop when it seemed as if a pass towards Nigel Hayes was obviously tipped out of bounds by a surging Wildcat defender.

And while it might have been a bang-bang call by the sideline official to give the ball to the Badgers, the call was inevitably reversed after one of the lengthiness reviews of the entire 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Badgers fans were stunned after the conference between Bryan Kersey, and Tony Greene and Mike Eades as the call was reversed and Arizona was awarded the basketball with one last shot at winning the game, down by one with the final shot.

Although it soon became null and void, just imagine what sports pundits are talking about today if that final shot from Arizona rattles home and the Wildcats are the ones cutting the nets down on their way to North Texas.

The system seems well-intentioned and the means are to simply get the call right.

As an official, the discussions are constantly about making sure, regardless of how professional or timely it looks, getting it right is first and foremost.

The Zebras blew this one last night … along with a few other questionable ones along the way that somehow looked as if they were hand-cuffing the team from Wisconsin who no one sincerely believed, at least on the national level, had a chance at winning this game in the first place.

Wisconsin likely felt slighted Saturday night. They felt like as hard as they were playing, the whistles kept coming against them and the world was turning it’s back.

It’s the mental toughness of a Bo Ryan led team that prevailed, and after an official review, Wisconsin is still moving on to the Final Four next week.

On Wisconsin.

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  • Bill

    You must be kidding, did you not watch the calls that went against Arizona in the 2nd half? Johnson gets smacked twice in the face – no calls. Gordon gets an elbow at the start of the second half that almost knocked him off his feet and the call goes against him. Obviously the Wisconsin coach’s whining in the first half had an effect on the refs in the second half. And on Johnson’s last drive, before he put his arm out, he was knocked by the Wisconsin player, but again no call and instead it goes against Arizona. Face it the refs seem hell-bent on leaving their mark on everyone of these games.

    • Roger Bertram

      Arizona lost. Wisconsin was the better team anyway. Scoreboard!

      • Bill

        Arizona lost – no shit Sherlock, You got something substantive to add to the article……

        • Shocking

          Do you have something to add besides your tears from the loss??? Since you’re OBVIOUSLY an expert in the rules of the game, explain to me why Gordon wasn’t called for a technical for being over the line on the last Wisconsin inbounds play? Or how about when your center dribbled the ball off of his own leg, in front of the ref, and the ball went to Arizona?? Oh wait, I’m sure you’re going to have another excuse for it. Face it, Arizona fans thought they were going to walk all over the “white boys” and found out that they’re legit. Continue to cry about it, you’ve got more than enough time before next season starts. Bear…..down. ON WISCONSIN!!!!

          • Bill

            Last time I checked Arizona has several white players, and in fact several of their so-called black players don’t look black at all. The only reason Wisconsin won is because Kaminsky had the game of his life. Any player can get hot for one game. Lets see how he does against the inside game of Kentucky. I suspect Kaminsky will be back to his usual form and score his usual 14 points and Wisconsin goes down. Also, If I’m a pro scout, I don’t even consider Kaminsky a first-round draft pick; unlike Gordon, who will go in the first round when he declares for the draft.

          • Shocking

            I never said Kaminsky was a 1st rounder. And he’s been playing well ALL season. People said the same stuff about him against Baylor and he tore it up. Then they said the same thing against your Wildcats and he tore it up. And way to blow past my questions concerning the calls that you complained about. You can have a team full of 1st rounders for all I care because you’ll be watching Wisconsin play tomorrow. And you can talk all the crap you want about the Badgers and Kaminsky because all you’re doing is making your team seem worse everytime you complain. Because if they suck and will get their butts kicked against Kentucky, just imagine how Arizona would do considering they lost to Wisconsin. So, once again, cry all you want because the bottom line is you’ll be watching Wisconsin play rather than rooting for Arizona…..ON WISCONSIN YET AGAIN.

          • Bill

            “Because if they suck and will get their butts kicked against Kentucky,
            just imagine how Arizona would do considering they lost to Wisconsin”.

            That’s false causation. Anyone knows that a loss by team A to Team B, and a loss by team B to team C has no bearing on what could or would happen if team A played team C. To say otherwise is ignorant.

            Now to Kentucky/Wisconsin. White boys go home. And, as I predicted before this game – Kaminsky was very ordinary and scored only 8 points against Kentucky. Kentucky was the better team. Also, Bo Ryan should learn to concentrate on coaching his players during a game instead of whining to the refs every time a call doesn’t go his way – what a bad example he sets for his players. Go UConn in the final!

          • Shocking

            Also, Kaminsky’s “game of his life” was when he threw down 40+ in that game. What’s the most your “1st Rounder” recorded this year.

    • Jean

      You had every opportunity to win it but you didn’t. More than once. Just wasn’t mean to be.

  • Taylor

    The Arizona-Wisconsin game was one of the worst officiated games I have ever witnessed. Both teams got screwed over on calls and even non-calls that should have been called. The refs have been bad not only during the tournament, but this entire season.

  • Bucky

    I’m tired of Bo Ryan’s behavior (like too many other NCAA coaches). No reason to get a T in a big game like that. He is a great coach but a T is gonna cost them a W one of these times (ie Jim Boeheim vs Duke this yr)