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Early Polls Have Wisconsin Badgers Ranked in the Top Five

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Now I understand that Midnight Madness is well off in the distance. But that doesn’t stop some people from coming out with early season polls. Some of those said polls have the Wisconsin Badgers ranked in the top five.

It’s fun to take a sneak peek of the upcoming season, but even these websites suggest it is way too early.

Not even 24 hours after “One Shining Moment” played while the Connecticut Huskies were celebrating in a sea of confetti and ESPN already had their “Way-Too-Early Top 25” for the 2014-15 season. ESPN has the Badgers ranked No. 4–behind Arizona, Duke and Kentucky–as they also believe a return trip to the Final Four is probable for Bucky. has their self-proclaimed “Ridiculously Early Preseason Top 25,” where they look at 25 teams (and one) and what their projected rosters could look like next season. In this one, the Badgers land at the three spot behind Duke and Arizona.

And finally is Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis, who wins for giving out the quickest preseason rankings. It may be only five teams, but Mr. Davis was the first one to give us a look at the 2014-15 season. If you notice in the video, the confetti wasn’t even cleaned up before Davis started breaking down next season. Check the video out here.

There’s a common denominator with all three of these so-called experts. Not only is Wisconsin smack-dab right in the middle of this discussion, but two teams–Arizona and Duke–are included right there with them as well.

This is how far the Wisconsin Badgers have grown as a basketball program. Gone are the days of them being in the Top 25 preseason discussion. Now they are included in the top five teams heading into next season.

Sure is great to be part of Badger Nation.

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