Top 5 Wisconsin NFL Draft Do-Overs

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After months of speculation and evaluations, the NFL Draft is a mere day away.

The Badger of Honor writers have already put together a mock draft of the current Wisconsin draft class, but in the spirit of lively debate I am going to put forth another mock draft of former Badgers greats and where they should have gone if things worked out a little kinder to our favorites in the cardinal and white.

What follows are the top 5 Wisconsin NFL draft missed opportunities and “what-ifs” over the past few generations.

1. Ron Dayne

Drafted: 2000 Round 1, No. 11 New York Giants

Wish Draft:  No. 11 New York Giants

Courtesy of Jon Rzepecki

Courtesy of Jon Rzepecki

It’s always nice to start with a curve ball right? I had zero issues with the Giants drafting Dayne after his Heisman season that capped off a still-unbroken career yards total. For all of its negative connotations now, Dayne’s “Thunder” to Tiki Barber‘s “Lightning” worked well enough to earn a bid to the Super Bowl. But thunderstorms are likely to become lost in the hurricane that was the Baltimore Ravens’ defense.

In two years as a secondary back in the Big Apple, Dayne put up 1,460 yards and 12 touchdowns. In most circumstances, this would have given management a closer look at their options, but instead they made Dayne ride the bench another year.

If things had worked in his favor, two big seasons would have netted him a job with the newly created Houston Texans — his final team. In his final two years while at Houston, Dayne ran for 1,385 yards with 11 touchdowns.

Does anyone remember who started in the backfield for the Texans in 2002? Nobody? It was the fearsome duo of James Allen and Jonathan Wells. Surely Dayne would have warranted a draft day trade in at least the third round.

Do you know who the Texans drafted in Round 3 Pick No. 83? Charles Hill, nose tackle from Maryland, who mainly played on special teams, and later a small stint for the Arena League’s Orlando Predators.

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