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A Complete Red Out at Camp Randall Stadium? It’s a Possibility

We’ve all seen crowds at football fields around the country taking part in a “white out” or even a “black out.” But a red out? At Camp Randall Stadium nonetheless? Sounds crazy but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

According to the Wisconsin Badgers football Twitter on Wednesday, an all-red uniform is just one of the options you could see this season at Camp Randall. The uniform includes the red helmet worn a few times last season, a red jersey and red pants. Which could very well prompt an all out red out, even though the stands are usually packed in a sea of red.

Although I am a big fan of the red helmet (and apparently I’m in the minority from people I’ve talked to), I am not a fan of the all-red uniform. I have no problem with a red jersey and white pants or white jersey with red pants, but the all red just looks awkward to me. However with all the different uniform options that schools are now going through these days-I’m looking at you Oregon-it is slightly refreshing to see Wisconsin try something different. You never know what will work unless you try.

What I personally would like to see Wisconsin try are black jerseys. I know that’s stealing from Nebraska and their “Blackshirts,” but I honestly think they would look really cool. Or even maybe change the helmet design around for a game.

Do you like the idea of Wisconsin possibly going to an all-red uniform. What would you like to see the Badgers uniforms look like? Comment below with your thoughts.

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