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Badgers Football: ESPN has Tilt Against LSU Second-Best Nonconference Game

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There are a number of good nonconference games in college football this season, and a few of those come from teams in the Big Ten conference. ESPN recently ranked all the nonconference games that Big Ten teams play with the Wisconsin Badgers going against the LSU Tigers in Houston the second-best contest. Topping that list just ahead of Wisconsin-LSU is the highly anticipated matchup between the Michigan State Spartans and Oregon Ducks.

I can’t complain with ESPN having the Badgers and Tigers as the second-best nonconference game among Big Ten teams. It’s a much-anticipated game for everyone in the state of Wisconsin and one of the most looked upon game in the entire country regardless of conference affiliation. Tough to beat what should be a great game between Michigan State and Oregon, two teams who very well could contend for a national championship.

It’s tough to say what exactly you’re going to get out of both Wisconsin and LSU to kickoff the season. One sure-fire thing is that both will have a dominant running attack. Badgers Melvin Gordon decided to come back for his junior campaign and very well could be a Heisman Trophy finalist at the end of the season. LSU brings to the table freshman Leonard Fournette, one of the most highly touted recruits in the Class of 2014.

Not only does Wisconsin play in one of the best nonconference showdowns of the 2014 season, but in the next couple of years they should at the top of the list as well. Next season the Badgers will take on Alabama at AT&T Stadium in the first game of the 2015 campaign. The year after that LSU and Wisconsin will face off again, this time another “neutral” site at Lambeau Field.

It’s very simple for Wisconsin: if they want to be one of the best teams in the country and have people talk about them, they need to play the best competition out there. And what better teams to pick from than the very talented SEC conference.

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