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Wisconsin Badgers: WWE Championship Belt Photoshopped with Scholarship Offer

WHATCHA GONNA DO, WHEN THE WISCONSIN BADGERS RUN WILD ON YOU?! Alright, so I’m no Hulk Hogan. And neither is Wisconsin’s head football coach Gary Andersen. However, Andersen and the Badgers do like championship belts (a WWE-style one at that) as did the Hulkster back in the day. But Hogan’s was real. The one the Badgers use happens to be photoshopped.

And before we dive into this, I’m going to get a little technical and provide a very brief history lesson. The belt shown is the World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion belt which first debuted in the WCW. When the WWE bought WCW in 2001 the belt eventually came with. Currently it is held by John Cena along with the WWE Championship belt. He is known as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Now that you’ve received such a riveting history lesson, lets get to what this story is really about.

DeSoto, TX linebacker Chris Orr officially received his scholarship offer recently and, like most high school kids, went straight to social media with the news. Fortunately for all of us, it included a picture. On the belt (or strap as they say in the wrasslin’ business) you will notice the motion W synonymous with the Wisconsin Badgers. Below that is the player’s name and above the W it reads “Wisconsin Football Scholarship.” See the tweet for yourself.

In the day and age of creative recruiting tactics, this a step in the right direction for Andersen and the Badgers. From championship straps to photoshopping magazine covers to the Joker, none of it compares to Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt, who hand-draws portraits of recruits.

Maybe the Badgers should start sending replica robes of the Nature Boy Ric Flair. On the other hand, that would probably be an NCAA violation.

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