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Wisconsin Badgers Football: Gary Andersen, Team Take Part in Bucket Hat Golf Challenge (Video)

To lighten things up and break up what can sometimes be long days at fall camp practices, most head coaches like to hold some kind of fun activity for the team to do. Wisconsin Badgers head coach Gary Andersen did just that with his team, holding a bucket hat golf challenge after a recent practice.

Rules were simple. Each position group selected one guy to try to land the golf ball on the motion W at midfield from about 60 yards out. The ball lands there and that position group wins a bucket hat.

Watch the video and see the challenge for yourself:

One thing is very certain: there is no chance whatsoever that I would go golfing with Derek Watt. Or as his teammates may call him, shankopotamus. I’m not saying that I’m a great golfer, but I probably could have at least hit it somewhat straight. Let’s hope the fullback and Pewaukee, WI native’s play this year on the football field is better than that golf shot.

Redshirt sophomore outside linebacker Vince Biegel hit a very nice shot, winning (at the time) just the linebackers their very own bucket hats.

But of course the most pressure fell on the shoulders of coach Andersen. Making the bold statement that if he lands on the motion W everyone gets a bucket hat, Andersen had nerves of steel and hit an almost flawless shot that landed exactly where it needed to go.

The emotions shown from the kids on this team tells me that they really, really wanted a bucket hat. It also shows me how loose and how together this team is. Whether that transpires to the football field is yet to be seen. But at least they’ll be looking good in their new bucket hats this season.

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