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OPINION: For Bucky, Its College Football Playoff Or Bust

Everyone remember when Texas Holdem used to be just another game to waste time away in college basements filled with frat brothers?

The game itself has blown up; ESPN covers it for gosh sakes.

Watch a tourney sometime and see a man with a 75% shot at taking a big pot in the early rounds.

He can push it all in and put himself in a position to be the ring leader, or fall back on his heels and let the rest of the table dictate to him what’s going to happen for the next few hours.

Gary Andersen and the UW football team are in that hot seat. And it’s College Football Playoff or Bust for Bucky this year.

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This 2014 season is one where they’ve got the opportunity, as presented, to put themselves in a National Championship driver’s seat, and it starts with the first week and their matchup with LSU.

It’s hard to put so much emphasis on the first game of the season, knowing that by going all-in you could compromise the rest of the schedule.

Andersen needs to understand though that fans have been waiting for this opportunity, waiting for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to revel in the glory of the National spotlight.

Wisconsin’s never belonged with the rest. They’ve never been mentioned with the best.

Even with the pre-season rankings that seat them as the 14th best team in the country right now, most people don’t want to believe it – unless you’re a Badger.

The looming match-up with SEC powerhouse, LSU, is the 75% chance hand Wisconsin has been waiting for.

Like a poker player, they can’t show signs of hesitation or weakness. Can’t quiver or waiver from seeing their final goal of winning it all.

They need to place the season on this one game. They need to take their best shot when they have the chance and hope the rest falls into place.

No man who puts his heart and soul on the line will look back and question themselves. Yes, they might say, ‘what it’, but in the end, they understand the meaning behind what they did and why they put it on the line in the first place.

If Wisconsin beats LSU on National TV, and they do it in convincing fashion, they climb into the top 8-10 teams in the running for the national championship game.

If they run the table and land in Indianapolis in early December, there’s a good chance you’ll see them come the early days in January, battling for a national title.

Will Andersen push all in? Or will he sit back and wait to see what happens, and not have enough chips on the table come late in the game?

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