Wisconsin To Replace Adidas With Under Armour Beginning 2016-17

Who wants to clap with me in a giant circle?

If you like Wisconsin and immediately respond with ‘We Must Protect This House’ when you hear Under Armour, then boy are you in for a treat between 2016 and 2026.

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According to Jeff Potrykus of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Universty of Wisconsin-Madison Board of Regents will likely vote to replace the school’s athletic agreement with Adidas in favor of the Maryland-based Under Armour.

Let’s face it, nobody likes Adidas. If people say they do, it’s probably because the ghost of Adi Dassler possessed their house and they have to be nice to the specter or face a lifetime in Herzogenaurach, Germany listening to David Hasselhoff ballads.

After all, Adidas gave Wisconsin these:

I’m sorry I put you all through that again. But that’s our past now and we have to embrace the future.

Not necessarily the Maryland flag/turtle combinations being provided to the Terrapins, but in times like these where the Badgers are struggling for an identity on the field, at least they’ll stand out in some sharp and distinctive stitchings.

Wisconsin is set to receive approximately $3 million worth of gear per year on average in the deal and $4 million annually with possible yearly incentives based on athletic performances.

*The students will be fly as hell on and off the field, but the payment for performance not trickling down to the actual athletes is a conversation we can have at another time.

As a former college person who dabbled in team sports at a school with an Adidas contract, I can tell you first hand that Adidas is probably the only preferred equipment by golf and tennis players. Maybe.

Adidas shoes/cleats are always at least a size too small and the arch is in the wrong place or given too much importance (a German thing, perhaps?) and the jerseys always looked like they were sticky and prone to bunching up on TV.

Good riddance.