Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker Still Getting the Hang of the NBA

Wisconsin fans knew once Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker, Josh Gasser, Traevon Jackson and Duje Dukan left things would be difficult.

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But I don’t think we knew how hard it would be if nobody found success. Friday night’s 69-67 loss was a tough pill to swallow, but trying to fill the sadness with hopes the Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker could drum up Final Four emotions in the NBA is a lost cause.

It might fall to an unsung hero, like Dukan to lift our spirits. Otherwise, we’re all in for the long haul when it comes to real after-college success. Not everyone can be Devin Harris.

Much like Bo Ryan’s 2015-16 season, the professional hoop dreams by former Badgers are going to need a lot of work.

Frank Kaminsky

Drafted ninth overall by the Charlotte Hornets, Kaminsky showed us something in the preseason. Though through nine games, Tank left the dancing shoes int he locker room and now averages 10.2 minutes with 3.2-points per game for the 4-5 Hornets.

The only games he’s played for at least 20 minutes were against the Chicago Bulls.

His best game thus far was against San Antonio where he scored eight points in nine minutes on Nov. 7. His Twitter game is strong, and he even has a website, but his NBA career, like his Wisconsin career, needs some time to take off.

Sam Dekker

Nine spots after Kaminsky, Sam Dekker was drafted 18th overall by the Houston Rockets.

As of Nov. 13, however, Dekker was sent down the Rio Grande Valley Vipers D-League team by Rockets coach Kevin McHale.

Dekker saw just six minutes in October and hasn’t seen the court in November. The very same player that made Aaron Rodgers stand up and cheer must now make some noise in Hidalgo, Texas. The Rockets, like Kaminsky’s Hornets, are also 4-5.

Duje Dukan

Who knows what’s going on with the Sacremento Kings? What I do know is that Dukan scored 14 points in his debut for the Reno Bighorns after assignment. He joins Marshall Henderson (yes, that guy). Despite sharing the same color palate of the new-look Milwaukee Bucks, the Bighorns are not affiliated with one specific NBA team.

At least he’s still got some nifty moves.

Josh Gasser

If you can read German, and this website, then you clearly know more about Gasser’s professional career than I do. A quick look at his stats from Lowen Braunschweig is quite surprising considering he’s scoring points.

Known for his tremendous defensive efforts in Ryan’s system, Gasser is averaging 8.6 ppg in just over 23 minutes on average through seven games.

Traevon Jackson signed with the Washington Wizards summer league in July. He is now a free agent with no recent news on a professional contract.