Wisconsin football: Recruitment wagers are going viral on social media

The recruiting for Wisconsin football is taking an interesting turn. Current commits are turning up the heat on other recruits.

Just because we are in the middle of a global pandemic, doesn’t mean that news about Wisconsin football recruiting is slow. In this day in age, football recruiting has become a social media sensation. Edited photos and videos for top choices and commitments, committed players tweeting at noncommitted players, and more happen every day on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Wisconsin football is no different from any other school. In fact, I’d say they are raising the bar. There are currently two wagers going on on Twitter. This all started when Al Ashford III, a current Wisconsin football commit, announced that he and Badger-target Markus Allen would play a game of Madden. If Ashford won, Allen would have to commit to Wisconsin. It was scheduled for Monday night, but Ashford had some unfortunate circumstances that would delay the game.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when Ashford gets internet back in his house.

The other wager is just as fun. Current-commit, Braelon Allen, has a lifting competition set up with 4-star defensive end, Isaac Hamm, out of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Both of these players were a part of that loaded group of 2022 Wisconsin recruits until Allen reclassified to 2021, so needless to say, they know each other pretty well. After Allen announced it, Hamm confirmed Allen’s announcement with his own tweet.

Unlike the Madden game between Ashford and Markus Allen, we won’t have to wait as long to get results. Braelon was already getting started and it is impressive. Take a look for yourself.

We’ll see what actually ends up happening with these wagers. Part of me thinks it’s pretty much already a done deal for both Markus Allen and Isaac Hamm and they’ll commit regardless. I can’t see them doing these wagers and then committing elsewhere. But I guess we’ll see. If nothing else, it provides some nice entertainment in the Wisconsin football recruiting world.