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Over 70K Expected; 2014 NCAA Final Four Comes to 'Jerry World'

Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

When Jerry Jones built the 74,000 capacity AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, it wasn’t meant solely for Dallas Cowboys football.

Known to many in sports as “Jerry’s World” and previously known as Cowboys Stadium, is a city-owned stadium with a retractable roof which serves as home to one of the world’s most recognizable franchies.

It replaced the partially covered Texas Stadium which opened its doors in 1971. If configured right, the stadium seats 80,000, making it the fourth largest by capacity in the NFL.

The stadium showcased the world’s largest column-free interior and the fourth largest high definition video screen. It’s played host to concerts, basketball games, boxing matches, college football and high school football contests, soccer matches and AMA motorcross.

And in case you needed a reminder about the size of things, just take a look at the size of your credit card reciept if you’re buying tickets to this year’s event.

It doesn’t matter where you come from – players from Kentucky, Florida, U-CONN and Wisconsin will all be in awe this week when they step into the confines of “Jerry World” and the largest venue to ever host the NCAA Final Four.

Want a ticket to the Final Four? Well, get ready to take out a second mortgage on your home to pay for it. The current average ticket price for a Final Four all sessions strip is $1,320.23.

Mar 22, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Wisconsin Badgers fans in the first half of a men

Mar 22, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Wisconsin Badgers fans in the first half of a men

What makes the price so high? Teams with dedicated fan bases, like Wisconsin and U-CONN who are making their first final four appearances in some time.

The overall average price boasts a substantial increase over last year’s average price of $895.69, which was considered to be a high priced Final Four with prices boosted by Michigan’s first Final Four appearance in about two decades.

If you’re going to pay a high price, sometimes locking down a luxury sweet is an option, also. Jerry World was built with excess in mind, and one premier luxury suite for the Final Four currently runs $31,900. With each suite able to accommodate twenty people, that works out to $1,595 per person – chump change, right?

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