Idiot Ohio State Fan Harrison Watson Offers Bounty On Recruit Who Snubbed the School


Ohio State fans are morons. Want proof? You shouldn’t need anymore proof. But in case you’re not convinced, check out the story of Harrison Watson, a Buckeye fan who offered a $2000 bounty to anyone who would injure a certain high school player who snubbed Ohio State in favor of Michigan. Yes, an adult male did that.

You may remember the recruit in question here. Logan Tillman? He’s the guy who picked Michigan over Ohio State and, to ingratiate himself with Michigan fans, tweeted a picture of himself burning his Buckeye offer letter. Okay that was a stupid thing to do, but Logan Tillman has an excuse. He’s a high school kid. Harrison Watson is a grown man. Well he looks like a grown man anyway. Sometimes you can be fooled.

Watson has since deleted the bounty offer tweet – which of course is still available for all to see on the internet, thanks to the wonders of screen-capture technology – and posted an apology on his website. “Last night, I made some remarks that were meant to be a joke amongst friends. These remarks were regrettable and reprehensible,” Watson said.

Someone introduce Mr. Watson to the wonders of direct messaging. Or email? Heard of that? Or grabbing a beer at the tavern? Lots of ways to share a joke with friends that don’t involve exposing your stupidity to the whole world. Good job Harrison Watson. You epitomize Buckeye boobery.