Reader’s Digest Rates Camp Randall Stadium Among Top 10 Football Venues


Camp Randall Stadium finishes 9th in Reader’s Digest’s ranking of the top 10 pro, college and high school football venues in America. I know what you’re thinking. Reader’s Digest is still around? My grandma used to use copies of that in place of coasters. Yup it’s still around. And it’s online. And it really digs Wisconsin football venues. Of Camp Randall it says:

"It’s all about the marching band here in Badgerland. Before the game, the tuba section snakes in and out of the bars that surround the stadium. They reverse their caps as soon as the final gun is sounded on another Wisconsin victory. Then, 30,000 Badger fans stay inside Camp Randall to hear the band perform its fifth quarter performance. It’s a rollicking, whimsical program heavy on audience participation. We’re talking the Beer Barrel Polka, Dance Little Bird (or Chicken Dance), Tequila, and Space Badgers."

A whole blurb about the Camp Randall experience and no mention of Jump Around?

In case you’re wondering, Lambeau Field made the list too. It’s #4. Wisconsin does football right.

And the #1 football venue in America according to the magazine your dad used to read while he was sitting on the crapper? Some high school field in Kansas. Oh.