Forget “Gangnam Style.” It’s “Badger Style.”


Just in time for the big Nebraska showdown, it’s the very first – and hopefully last – Badger-related “Gangnam Style” remix. Lots of youthful exuberance on display here. Also lots of swag. I think that’s the right word?

Pick-up line of the year: “Hey Sconnie baby.” Try that out. See if it does anything.

This David Yang kid is obviously very talented. I’m sure he’ll go on to do great things. Hopefully in areas other than musical production.

In the interest of equal time, I feel I should include a Nebraska-related video. How about a rap about Nebraska? Cause that’s what Nebraska is all about. That hip-hop lifestyle. It’s true. Before he died, Notorious BIG was going to do a whole album about corn. That’s not a lie. Okay it is.

Nebraska in the Big 10. Alternate jerseys. Dueling terrible rap videos. It’s all about the tradition people.

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