Illinois Coach Tim Beckman Busted Using Chewing Tobacco On Sidelines


I’m not the judgmental sort. Far be it from me to tell a man what substances he can use and not use. If Tim Beckman wants to risk horrible mouth cancer by using chewing tobacco? What do I care. It’s his body. He can abuse it any way he wants. Disgusting habit, but like I said, his choice.

Unfortunately for Beckman, there are others who are not as open-minded as me about this kind of thing. The NCAA, for example. Those party-poopers actually have a rule against coaches using tobacco during games. So it seems Tim Beckman has opened himself up to discipline (probably just a warning, but still). The lesson for Beckman and other coaches? Remember that there are cameras everywhere around you. They see everything. The NCAA is watching. And they like disciplining people. It’s what they’re about.

As for the action on the field in this game…let’s not talk about it. It’s been the football equivalent of a filthy spittoon. Just bringing that whole chewing tobacco thing full circle. (via

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