Year In Review: Grading Gary Andersen And His First Year As Wisconsin’s Head Coach

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Carrying On Alvarez’s Blueprint:

Andersen has been incredibly respectful of the blueprint that Wisconsin football, as it’s now known, was built on. The blueprint was designed by the Godfather of Badger football, and athletic director, Barry Alvarez. He understands that in order for Wisconsin to be successful it must utilize the big bodies of the Midwest to block for the speedy-skill players from the south; namely southern Florida. But, Andersen isn’t nearly the drone that Bielema was. Bielema was a mindless Alvarez disciple, Andersen is mindful of the history but is also looking toward the future. He is in the process of instituting new offensive strategies which include; the option, running quarterbacks, more down-the-field passing and up-tempo plays. Wisconsin is currently, “Running Back U” and with Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement on the roster, it will continue to be next year and beyond. But, expect an even more up-tempo offense in 2014.

Coach A is in the midst of a graceful switch from the classic power-running of Wisconsin to a more exciting approach on offense. With the lineman that Wisconsin recruits the power-running will always exist; but just not in the same way Badgers fans are used to. This change is not a change for the worse. Just look at the Badgers’ defense, which now operates under a 3-4 scheme. Andersen changed that and last year it worked out pretty well. The defense allowed 16.3 points-per-game — good for sixth in the entire nation. With another year of practice and recruits to fit the scheme, the 3-4 defense will only become more natural to the Badgers. The same can be said for the new-look offense, which is on its way.

Grade: B+