Nigel Hayes is Nigel Burgundy, Reporter Extraordinaire


Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout this NCAA Tournament, Nigel Hayes has taken over the duties as being the Wisconsin Badgers basketball “insider” (I use that term very loosely by the way) covering at the latest news everyone is dying to find out about the team. One thing is certain, if this whole basketball thing for whatever reason doesn’t seem to pan out Nigel has a bright future in front of the camera.

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you Nigel Burgundy. Yes the same lineage as the great Ron Burgundy who reported for Channel 4 News out in San Diego, CA.

In the first installment before the Badgers played American, Nigel talked to the likes of Sam Dekker, Ben Brust, the future POTUS Zach Bohannon, woke up Zak Showalter and more. Take a look for yourself:

Since the first show took off, Nigel Burgundy had to have a second installment. It’s only fitting right? Ratings are through the roof, might as well strike while the iron is hot. This time “Burgundy” takes Matt Lepay’s job and if you notice at the beginning, there’s a little jab towards Dick Vitale.

After the second installment, this show has completely taken off. So of course before the Sweet 16 match up with Baylor, “Burgundy” was at it again. This time with some trivia and more cookie talk with Zach Bohannon.

The Badgers have moved into the Elite Eight and all is well in Madison. After Wisconsin’s victory over Baylor, the Badgers were greeted by none other than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Nigel was on the scene to get player’s reaction, hear a joke from the cookie-obsessed Bohannon and talk to the dancing machine Evan Anderson.

There’s definitely a career for Nigel Hayes to fall back on once he is done playing this game called basketball. I’m not sure if Hayes has a dog named Baxter or can play “Aqualung” on the jazz flute like Ron Burgundy can. But one thing is certain, Nigel can play basketball (and interview people with the best of them) and is part of the reason the Badgers have made it to the Elite Eight.

You stay classy, Madison.