Badgers Fan Spotlight: Alan Christianson


Courtesy Alan Christianson

Part 1 of our Badgers fan series is dedicated to Alan Christianson of Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Badger of Honor has taken its first step to see what a Badgers fan is made of, and Alan is first on the board. To see how you may measure up, please email and get your name out there as an elite Wisconsin Badgers fan.

What kind of Badgers fan are you? I collect football cards and memorabilia of Badgers players with ties to my hometown.  I’ve been collecting on and off for about 20 years, but have gotten back into it the last three years. Jim Leonhard went to school four miles down the road (Flambeau High School) and both his father and uncle coached me in various sports during high school.  I went to Ladysmith High School with Mike Newkirk and was on the football team as a sophomore the year we made it to the state semifinals in his senior season.

Courtesy Alan Christianson

What is your favorite item in your collection?  My Jim Leonhard game worn Denver Broncos jersey and pants.  The Broncos only wear the all blues once per season, making it unique since he only spent a season in Denver.  My 2009 Jets helmet and a set of custom McFarlane figures made by 4Star Customs highlighting Jim’s entire football career are also favorites. Alan’s Leonhard collection:

  • 4 Game used jerseys
  • 1 Game issued jersey
  • 1 Game used helmet
  • 1 Pair of game used pants
  • 2 Pair of game used cleats and gloves
  • 14/18 Officially produced football cards
  • 2/2 Officially produced cards of Newkirk
  • Various signed 8x10s, mini helmets and other items
  • Team photo from 1987 with Ladysmith High graduate Todd Strop (DB for the Badgers in late 1980s)

Do you only collect Badgers? My Badgers collection is only small chunk of my total collection. My goal is to collect an autograph from every player to play for the Packers. I am currently sitting at approximately 600 autographs on-cards (many autographs come on stickers) and 8x10s and memorabilia cards which are quickly filling up the available space on my mancave walls. Former Badgers in my Packers collection are — Deral Teteak, Jim Temp, Randy Wright, Don Davey, Jeff Dellenbach, Gary Ellerson, Ken Stills, Mark Tauscher, Bill Ferrario and Scott Tolzien.

Memories of Madison? Wando’s Bar & Grill.  Love their collection of Badgers and B1G items.

What do you do on Game Day? Depending on the time of day, I’m either in front of the TV in my mancave or listening in on the radio.  I typically only follow football for the entire season, but I do get into basketball a bit during tournament time.

Courtesy Alan Christianson

What sets you apart from other fans? I feel I have a very comprehensive player collection. If anyone wants to help Alan on his quest for the final four cards he needs to complete the player set:

  • 2003 Wisconsin Stadium Gameday Giveaway
  • 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars No. 121 Longevity True Green /100
  • 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars  Longevity Holofoil /25
  • 2009 SPX Super Scripts Autographs Eight /8,
  • Alan can be reached at:

Once again, all any other Badgers fan needs to do is send an email to and we’ll take it from there. Part 2 of the Badgers fan series will showcase UW season ticket holder Dennis Bonomini.