Wisconsin Has The Best Tailgating Scene In The Country; Thanks To Its Fans


The Wisconsin Badgers football program is known for winning a hell of a lot more than it is known for losing over the last 25 years. But its fans, well, they’ve been known for having a great time for a lot longer than that.

Game day in Madison is truly a sight to behold and something that the Bucky faithful take extremely seriously — and just as equally not seriously. There are great number of traditions to witness and take in, but there is also a hefty, and I mean hefty, amount of partying, drinking and acting goofy to be had before kickoff.

Sure all of that can be found elsewhere on college football campuses. But the difference for Wisconsin is their amazing fans. Unrelenting passion and ever-evolving ingenuity goes into their game day experience — and it shows.

The entire state is known for its love affair with beer, brats and cheese. And there really is just no greater combination of food and drink to accompany tailgating. Don’t agree? Then you must be from the South and think barbecuing is proper tailgating food. Although good, it’s not quite the same for game day … in my opinion.

College Spun released a list of the Top 10 College Football Tailgating Scenes in the Country. And Badgers fans will not be disappointed when they check it out and see where the Badgers’ tailgate scene lands on the Top 10 (Hint: They’re really high). Here is what it said.

"There is not another state in the country with a name more synonymous with beer and traditional tailgating food than Wisconsin (don’t forget about the cheese!). And in the state’s capital, they do it better than anyone else. Camp Randall Stadium is surrounded primarily by student housing, with many houses being only 20-25 steps away. No stadium is closer to the early-morning house parties. And the parties, the many parties, start early and rage right up until game time; often well into the first half. Flip-cup, beer pong, sizzling grills, all of it.But many enjoy hitting up Regent Street, an immaculate stretch of bars (and businesses that become outdoor bars on game day mornings) that sits right next to the stadium. If you’re all about the game, you can head to see the “Arch March” which takes place about 135 minutes before game time. There you can see the athletes walk through the original Civil War-era arch (Camp Randall literally was a military training ground during the Civil War). If you’re in the mood for some music then head to the “Badger Bash,” which claims to be the biggest tailgate party in Madison. The Wisconsin marching bands plays there about 75 minutes before kickoff. The Stadium’s parking lot even turns into a big party and features a giant TV as well.After the game, fans enjoy the “5th Quarter” where the marching band plays and the fans celebrate together (win or lose) before heading back out onto the vibrant streets. On, Wisconsin!"

As summer rolls on each day gets us closer to the 2014 college football season. All who annually participate in Wisconsin’s famed tailgating festivities must be licking their lips. Ah, fall in Madison. What a beautiful sight. But fall in Madison on the morning of a Badgers game? Now that’s heaven.