5 Reasons Why The Badgers Will Pull The Upset Over LSU Tonight

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Jan 2, 2014; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Team Highlight running back Leonard Fournette (5) verbally commits to LSU Tigers with his family on ESPN during the second half at Tropicana Field. Team Highlight defeated the Team Nitro 31-21. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

4. The Pressure Will Get To Leonard Fournette

By all accounts Fournette was the greatest high school running back in the state of Louisiana’s history. That’s quite the impressive statement considering Louisiana’s rich football history. But he’s been hearing about how he’s the best thing to happen to LSU all summer. He’s been told he’s going to dominate at the collegiate level all summer. He’s been introduced into the program and immediately looked to as a go-to player from the beginning. He’s had no time to grow, no time to learn from behind the scenes.

It’s always been about him — deservedly so, the kid’s an absolute stud of a running back. But will he be able to handle all of the hype that has culminated and crescendoed up to this moment? When the lights shine the brightest will he look like a proven veteran like LSU expects him to look? Or will he look like a true freshman that hasn’t tasted big-time college football yet? I’m not saying he won’t be an absolute star. I’m not saying he won’t be one of the top running backs in the country this year. I’m just saying that expecting him to dominate a hungry defense such as the Badgers’ from the very first snap of his career might be asking a bit much. I predict he has an average game, which is pretty good for a true freshman mind you. I just don’t see him handling all the pressure and single-handily leading LSU to a win.