5 Reasons Why The Badgers Will Pull The Upset Over LSU Tonight

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Oct 12, 2013; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers fans cheer from the stands during the first quarter of a game against the Florida Gators at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

3. LSU Is Underestimating The Badgers

All of SEC country has spent the last 5-10 years talking about how horrible the Big Ten is and how they aren’t a good conference ad nauseam. The players that comprise LSU’s current roster have literally grown up with this mindset. This misconception that the Big Ten doesn’t play a tough brand of football will ultimately come back to bite the SEC in the you know what tonight. It’s not only the Tigers that are underestimating the Badgers, but all of SEC country. The fans in the south think that football cannot be played at the most competitive level in the north. This isn’t true, it isn’t remotely true. The Big Ten has simply had a few bad years. But this could be the beginning of the Big Ten’s reemergence as a respected conference. If Bucky can punch the Tigers in the mouth and dismantle one of the SEC’s juggernaut programs in week one, it will go a long way to restoring the natural order of college football — instead of an ongoing one sided fight.

This LSU squad is not ready to face Wisconsin’s offensive line. They’re an experienced bunch and most of them will get a chance to play in the NFL. No one pushes around the Badgers’ offensive line. No one, not even LSU. It will be interesting to see how the Tigers deal with Wisky’s big men. They’re set up for a rude awakening if they think the Badgers are just going to lay down and not try to take control of the line of scrimmage.