Top 4 Reasons Badgers Volleyball is Better Than Football

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Reason 4: Uniforms are Better

This was inevitable. Women is jerseys and shorts is hands down an improvement on 300-pound lineman in spandex capri pants.

I’ve worn football pads. Not fun. Football the game is fun, but the uniform is meant to essentially free your arms enough to grab or press someone else across from you. A football uniform only looks and feels good when it’s 3 hours later and everything is sweaty and covered in dirt or ground-up tires.

All uniforms are meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but volleyball unis actually look like they make you feel better and not like a Viking gearing for battle. For contrast to the tweet above, everyone check out this from Big Rob Havenstein‘s account:

These guys are the height of peak physical condition for football players. When you think of football you may think of Aaron Rodgers or LeSean McCoy, but most players range from J.J. Watt to Aaron Gibson.

None of this is to say the Women’s volleyball team is a bridge club in the 1950s. Most, if not all, of the team could straight up beat you down in a one-on-one.

Because not only do they look great, they play great.

They know they play great.

And they will continue to play great for quite some time. Has this convinced you yet?