Top 15 Wisconsin Basketball Plays


With college basketball season right around the corner, here are the top 15 Wisconsin Badger’s plays or moments of the last 10 years.

15. Josh Gasser banks in a game winning 3-pointer against Michigan 

14. Kammron Taylor alley-oop to Alando Tucker 

Dicky V’s announcing was just as great as the dunk itself. 

13. Frank Kaminsky breaks out with 43 points 

This was the game where Frank Kaminsky became Frank the Tank.

12. Ryan Evans put back dunk against Ohio State 

Show this video to anyone who says Bo Ryan teams are never athletic.

11. Traevon Jackson sinks game-winner against Michigan State 

10.  Jared Berggren dunks on Trey Burke 

It has all the ingredients of a perfect dunk. Clutch? Check. Poster? Check. Powerful? Check. And 1? Check. On a future lottery pick? Check. 

9.  Jordan Taylor leads Wisconsin on a huge comeback against undefeated Ohio State 

The greatest regular season Badger game I’ve ever watched. 

8. Traevon Jackson hits buzzer-beater 3-pointer to beat Penn State 

Captain Clutch strikes again!

7.  Alando Tucker Buzzer-Beater to beat Iowa in the Big 10 Tournament 

The greatest play from arguably the greatest Badger ever.

6. Michael Flowers 3-pointer and steal to upset Texas 

I can watch this play over and over and over again.

5. State Street goes crazy a Wisconsin beats Arizona to go to the Final Four 

I know this isn’t a play, but it was a great moment in Wisconsin Badger history. Also, it gives me chills every time I watch it.

4. Ben Brust hits go ahead 3-pointer to give Wisconsin the lead in the Round of 32 against Oregon 

That shot also broke the all-time Badger record for 3 pointers made in a career. 

3. Ben Brust half-courter to send Michigan to overtime

2. Trevon Hughes hits spinning lay up with 2 seconds on the clock to send 12 seeded Wisconsin past 5 seeded Florida State. Skip to the 2:20 mark. 

 A game-winner in the NCAA tournament is pretty special. So special that it was featured in One Shining Moment.

1. Wisconsin gets a clutch stop against Arizona to send Bo Ryan to his first career Final Four.  

No comment needed.

I hope you enjoyed our list. Which was your favorite play? Let me know in the comment section.

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