Top 5 Badger Football Games to Watch in 2015

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Wisconsin’s biggest rival Minnesota used to be a program that would finish in the bottom half of the Big Ten. Those days seem to be over, at least for now, as the Gophers in my opinion are a team that is on the rise in the coming years. It wasn’t more evident than last season when they gave Wisconsin their toughest test in recent memory.

The 2015 season should be no different. Head coach Jerry Kill has really turned this program around from being just a pushover win to a team that has become very competitive.

What I like about this game is that it is played in the final week of the regular season. A long-standing rivalry of this magnitude deserves to be played as the final game of the season. And what makes it even better, just like last year, is it provides an opportunity for these two to fight for a spot in the conference championship game. It may not always happen that way but when it does, it adds something special. It happened last year and there is a good chance it can happen once again this year.

Even with Minnesota being down for the most part in the past decade, the annual battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe has provided some great memories. Both teams could be winless and it would still end up being a great game. Luckily for us that won’t happen and the 2015 battle could end up being one of the better ones we have seen in many years.

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