Top 10 Wisconsin Football Plays of the Year

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No. 3: Gordon’s record-setting run

Melvin Gordon leaps into the endozone after a 26-yard touchdown run, setting the FBS record with 408 rushing yards, as the Badgers defeated Nebraska 59-24 Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014. Jim Oxley photograph

Melvin Gordon lands another play in our Top 10 of the year with his 26-yard run that capped a hard day’s work (or at least three quarter’s of a hard day) against Nebraska.

Gordon helped the Badgers come from behind to blow away the Cornhuskers, and finished the day with this 26-yard dash that ended the third quarter and sent Gordon into the record books (for a week) with 408 yards in a single game, the most since LaDanian Tomlinson.

It was Gordon’s Heisman moment, cementing his spot as a finalist while simultaneously keeping Wisconsin in the conversation for post-season play.

When you watch the following video that captures Gordon’s entire body of work against Nebraska, it’s hard to believe the Badgers trailed by 14 in the second quarter and only had a 7 point lead at the half.

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