Top 10 Wisconsin Football Plays of the Year

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Honorable Mention: Linebackers make plays

Wisconsin sported one of college football’s best defenses this season, thanks in large part to the play of its linebackers.

Marcus Trotter celebrates a fumble recovery in Wisconsin’s win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Jim Oxley photograph

The play of Derek Landisch, Marcus Trotter, Joe Schobert and Vince Biegel was consistent – the best compliment you can give to a defense.

Their play was rarely flashy, and therefore it was tough to come up with one instance that truly captured the essence of this defense.

I suppose a montage of sure-handed tackle after sure-handed tackle would be appropriate, but instead, here’s a couple of interceptions that show the versatility of the Badgers top two backers, Landisch and Trotter.

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