Top 10 Wisconsin Football Plays of the Year

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Honorable Mention: Fumagali fields fake punt

Drew Meyer elevates over the offensive and defensive lines on a fake punt jump-throw. Jim Oxley photograph

In Wisconsin’s first conference game against Big Ten newcomer Maryland, the Badgers pulled off a nifty fake punt to keep momentum rolling.

Leading Maryland 7-0 early in the game, Wisconsin faced a 4th and 9 from the Maryland 36 yard line. Instead of sending on Rafael Gaglianone for the 54 yard field goal attempt, Wisconsin opted to punt (or so it seemed).

Drew Meyer stepped into the punt, but pulled away at the last second, sprinted toward the line of scrimmage, and pulled off a Tim Tebow-like jump pass to tight end Troy Fumagali for a 17 yard gain to secure a first down.

The Badgers were held to a field goal on the drive, but the field goal put Wisconsin up 10-0 and proved to be the winning points as the Badgers steamrolled Maryland 52-7.

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