Helmet Mock-Up: Do the Wisconsin Badgers Need a New Look?


The Wisconsin Badgers are well-known for the smooth motion “W” logo, and a recent helmet mock-up from Deeyung Entertainment has provided a new take on the classic Badgers look.

Wisconsin’s current helmet. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin hasn’t deviated much from its helmet origins. Since 1970 the Badgers have almost exclusively used a helmet with a red “W” over a white background, sometimes with a stripe or two down the middle of the helmet that originated in the late 80s.

The current white helmet with the motion “W” has been in use since 1991.

Wisconsin added an alternate helmet design in 2012 that changed the main helmet color to red and added a white motion “W.” The stripe was changed to black last year, the first time the color has been used other than the shadow in the motion “W.”

Deeyung Entertainment photo

The proposed concept, from Deeyung Entertainment, is a radical change from the current helmet, largely because the helmet is a color it has never been in the school’s history — black.

It also features a textured red motion “W,” a design that flows from the “W” onto the facemask, and is utilized in a single stripe down the middle of the helmet, outlined in white.

While the switch from white to black in the dominant color is a little too much of a change for me, I did enjoy a new pattern in the motion W, as it reminded me of one of my favorite alternate helmets the Badgers have sporting recently, their Rose Bowl helmets in 2012.

The helmet would likely require the Badgers to add an alternate uniform that featured more black, but could be an interesting way for the Badgers to shake things up.

What do you think?

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