Dennis Dodd Is Mad At Aaron Rodgers For Just Being A Fan


There are many ways to get an interview with the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player, Aaron Rodgers.

Usually members of the media have to send in requests through the player’s agent, team clubhouse, public relations firm, etc. or wait in the press room after games or even a quick sound bite from the field if you’ve got a cameraman and a giant microphone and Rodgers was actually a player from that specific game with firsthand insight.

CBS college football reporter Dennis Dodd, however, did not do any of those things. Dennis Dodd didn’t get an interview with Rodgers, and Dennis Dodd became irrationally and sad/funny upset about it. Sad for him, funny for us, because Rodgers fired some shots back and things caught fire.

First off, he already starts off on a sour note.

We get it, you didn’t get an interview and you were right next to him. Also, for the sake of future arguments, let’s not try to explain why CBS’ “senior college football columnist” has any more right to be on the court for the men’s basketball Elite 8 than Rodgers does.

Which prompted my favorite response:

Then things got really fun.

Ouch. Aaron Rodgers just used social media that he frequents less than a Brett Favre Sqor video to shame Dodd. But he had a good reason that all fans, especially the Ashley Judds and Magic Johnsons of the world can get behind.

Saturday it was a no. Dodd somehow took this as an affront to all things media holy.

Ummm, no.

Just stop it, you’re embarrassing your colleagues. Also, Rodgers stepped in on why he was there in the first place (besides the fact that who cares, it’s Aaron Rodgers).

And like that, Rodgers was done, but Dodd was far from it.

And yet said nothing when Mark Emmert, who probably made a few hundred grand from this game alone, get’s to stand right next to the players! Isn’t that like an impermissible benefit in the eyes of Mark Emmert?

Then he retweeted a message from the Pope. Yes, that Pope. Something tells me it’s too late to take the absolute moral high ground when you just went on social media trying to publicly shame a football player at a basketball game between two teams Pope Francis has never heard of or cared for.

Now on to the rest of Twitter. First off, some key awareness by Rich Eisen.

Then the best of the rest.

And finally, I have to admit, Dodd is not the worst columnist out there. He is, however, quite hypocritical. Case in point, this unironic tweet.

Just days after he filed this story – which contains both rational thought and bullet points.

And what does any of this have do with the Wisconsin Badgers advancing to the 2015 Final Four? Both Dodd and Rodgers will both be on hand, to do this all over again, much like the two teams actually involved in playing the game.

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