An Interview With Former Badgers Football Player Louis Nzegwu

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Aug 9, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Matt Blanchard (4) is sacked by Carolina Panthers defensive end Louis Nzegwu (50) during the second half against the. The Panthers defeated the Bears 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

JR: UW sent a few players to the AFL, like Anttaj Hawthorne, what got you involved with that league?

LN: Initially I wasn’t going to do the Arena League until I decided I was going up to Canada.

A few of my buddies who I worked out with during the offseason played in the (AFL) and suggested I should try it before going (to Canada).

Once you’re up in Canada it’s difficult for teams to reach you for a workout because of CFL rules. I ended up signing with Arizona and surprisingly had a lot of fun.

Nzegwu, as a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (Courtesy L. Nzegwu)

Playing alongside Anttaj was a great time too, he is definitely a funny individual. I believe he’s been in the AFL for about seven years now and he absolutely loves it.

Nzegwu played four games for the Arizona Rattlers before he received a workout with the Detroit Lions.

After the workout I headed to rookie minicamp in Canada. After a few weeks in Canada I decided to come back, which was good because I immediately got called up for a workout with the New Orleans Saints.

If I had stayed up in Canada I would never have gotten that opportunity.

Nzegwu returned to the AFL in Cleveland, where he spent five games with the Gladiators, which made it to their first ArenaBowl … against the Rattlers. 

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