An Interview With Former Badgers Football Player Louis Nzegwu

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Louis Nzegwu in his stance for the Omaha Mammoths FXFL team. (Courtesy L. Nzegwu)

JR: Was it a similar situation to rookie free agency for the FXFL, or were tryouts involved?

LN: After the ArenaBowl I received a call to join the FXFL (Fall Experimental Football League).

The majority of the league was made up of players who had some sort of NFL experience. There were only a small amount of players who tried out from the league who came from small schools.

JR: What are your plans now? Do they still include football, or do you have other plans or interests not involved with the game?

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LN: I still plan to play football this year. I recently had surgery on my ankle so I’ve been recovering, but I’ve been contacted by a few Canadian teams.

It really depends on if I’ll be healthy enough for training camp if I decide to go back up there.

Nzegwu signed on for the next FXFL season.

LN: That’s down the road and my mind could change. I even thought about playing Rugby at one point.

Some coaches that I’ve kept in touch with have asked me to be a graduate assistant, which I’d consider doing sometime, but obviously not right now.

This will most likely be my last year playing but I said the same thing … last year.

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