Ranking Big Ten Opening Week Games-LEGENDS Tier

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As you can see with the LEADERS tier of games, they feature some of the bottom-feeder teams of the Big Ten. And with that, the quality and importance of the games are not that high on too many people’s lists. Next up, the LEGENDS tier.

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These group of five games include teams in which the level of competition is stepped up a notch or two. Teams involved in the LEGENDS tier include programs near the top of the Big Ten or involving teams from other conferences that are nationally known. They also include an FCS team that is rising quickly and can hang with a few of these FBS teams out there.

And it’s not just the team’s involved that make up this tier. These five games in my opinion are one’s you’re going to want to pay attention to and not reach for the remote. These are five games that I think will grab a lot of people’s attention and keep them glued to the TV during Labor Day weekend. Compared to the LEADERS, this group of LEGENDS games should be thrilling and won’t make you channel surf right through them.

Enough of the talk, lets dive right into five games that will surely get you ready for the 2015 NCAA football season. These are the LEGENDS games.

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