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The Wisconsin football all-time team features the top two Badgers at each position all time

In the team’s history, the Wisconsin Badgers have churned out more than 50 first team All-Americans, 29 first round draft picks, hundreds of NFL players, a pair of NFL Hall of Famers, nine college football Hall of Famers, and many more success stories through the years.

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The Badgers have seen heralded recruits blossom and walk-ons become college and NFL stars, and have seen great players come and go at every position up and down the roster.

Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin Badgers /

Wisconsin Badgers

The Badgers have seen record-setting running backs like Ron Dayne, Montee Ball, Melvin Gordon, big-time wide receivers like Al Toon and his son Nick and the legendary Pat Richter, talented tight ends, mammoth offensive linemen and dual threat quarterbacks.

On the defensive side, big names like Wendell Bryant and Tarek Saleh carry the defensive line while talented linebackers have populated the depth chart for years and defensive backs like Jim Leonhard and Jamar Fletcher had impressive careers for the Badgers.

From early Wisconsin stars like Howard Buck, Howard Weiss and Dave Schreiner, to more recent big names like Chris Borland, J.J. Watt and Russell Wilson, the Badgers have plenty of talent to choose from when deciding the best of the best.

Those players and many more are among the options for our Wisconsin Football All-Time Team.

Here we take a look at the best of all time to come through the gates at Camp Randall, those who make up our all-time team. We have chosen two players at each position, the two we feel are the best overall at the position in the history of the school.

We take into account college statistics, production and longevity and the impact the player left on the program.

This list is open for debate, and we welcome your feedback in the comments. We start with the offense, and kick things off with the quarterbacks.

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