Wisconsin Football: Badgers Skill Position Depth Chart for 2017

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Wide Receiver

The Starter(s): Jazz Peavy, Quintez Cephus, AJ Taylor

The Wild Card: George Rushing

What was once a question mark heading into 2016, the wide receiver core should be a potential strong suit for the Badgers in 2017. Each of the players listed above got quite a bit of playing time in 2016 which should benefit them in the long run next season.

Peavy is well established as the #1 target in the passing game, and as the primary runner in the jet sweep offense, a pivotal wrinkle in the Badgers run heavy option. While Peavy does not blow you away numbers wise, he is clearly the Badgers top threat going forward. Defenses will without a doubt key on #11 as the well established #1 target through the air.

The other three receivers in the Badgers system showed a lot of potential in 2016, but will have to make bigger strides going into 2017. Cephus only recorded 4 receptions this season for 94 yards, but has the speed and size to step into a void left by senior Robert Wheelwright. At 6’2″ Cephus brings a skill set that matches Wheelwright, so the hope is that he will be able to assert himself as a potential second option and a primary target in the vertical passing game.

Will be sophomore AJ Taylor will bring a lot to the table similar to Peavy, being the fact that he is a bit smaller than the other two receivers. Again, with a small samples size of just 3 catches on the season its hard to project where Taylor will be, but with a strong spring he could slot in at the #3 receiver position.

The wild card of next season will be Senior George Rushing and if he takes the next step in becoming a threat in Wisconsin’s offense. Rushing recorded 12 catches for 136 yards on the season, but showed a lack of focus at times when called upon. It was clear that Chryst had no time for it and expected much more out of Rushing. With the Badgers hardly ever running more than a two receiver set the two spot will be a heated competition between the three behind Peavy.