Wisconsin Basketball: Tyler Herro Reopens Recruitment

MADISON, WI - NOVEMBER 27: Head coach Greg Gard of the Wisconsin Badgers watches the game from the bench in the first half against the Prairie View A
MADISON, WI - NOVEMBER 27: Head coach Greg Gard of the Wisconsin Badgers watches the game from the bench in the first half against the Prairie View A /

The Wisconsin Badger basketball 2018 top recruit Tyler Herro reopens recruitment tonight. He made the announcement and said “Thank You” on Twitter tonight.

Tyler Herro reopens recruitment less than a month away from National Singing Day. On November 8 the Badger basketball team was going to announce the signing of their consensus four-star recruit.

Herro is the fourth ranked shooting guard according to espn.com. He is also the 27th ranked player nationally. This was going to be the real deal.

Herro is a native of Greenfield, Wisconsin and is currently going to Whitnall High School .After not securing Joey Hauser from Stevens Point, Herro was a must-sign. He’s a 6-feet-inch 180 pound shooting guard from the state.

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Another offer went out to Nate Laszewski from Northfield, MA but he signed with Notre Dame. With the experience of guards that the Badgers will have for next year, Herro would have had a great upbringing.

That all went out the window Tuesday night. At 8:17 EST we all saw on Twitter that Tyler Herro reopens recruitment.

The Tweet certainly didn’t set well. Former Wisconsin Badger basketball player Zak Showalter was one of the first to respond. He was very confused. Along with the rest of us.

The right thing to do is to not attack a high school kid for his actions on Twitter. You can certainly question it. There’s a lot of speculation on what’s going to happen next. As fans and journalists, we have to wonder why and where is he going to go next?

Wisconsin was going all-in on Herro. The Badgers did manage to land three-star Joe Hedstrom, a 6’10 center from Hopkins, Minnesota. That’s it though. After the other top two recruits fell through, Wisconsin was hoping that Herro was going to be the spark of the Badger offense in a couple years.

It’s so interesting that this happens now. Herro committed on September 12, 2016. He knew of all the guards the Badgers were going to have: D’Mitrik Trice, Brevin Pritzil, Kobe King and Brad Davison. Since he was aware of those guys, that gave us the feeling he was excited to play along side them. Now does he feel too crowded?

With those four in the backcourt, the Badgers will have great talent in 2018. Herro was going to be working with them. That is a very ideal situation.

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Now that Tyler Herro reopens recruitment, are we going to assume he’s going to Marquette? Hauser committed very early to be a Golden Eagle. That was expected since his brother will be a junior by the time he gets there. So if Herro goes, they’ll have Hauser, Hauser and Herro. Sounds like a great law firm, but it doesn’t make sense to Badger fans.

The thing that confuses a lot is that he mentions how the state of Wisconsin has treated him well. So does that mean Marquette is out of the equation too?

Herro has a whole host of schools listed on his 24/7sports page. Recent activity other than the Badgers shows Marquette and DePaul. ESPN.com lists 14 schools. So your guess is as good as ours when it comes to this. Hopefully Badger fans get more of an explanation later on. And we’ll be waiting along with everyone else to see where he ends up.