Wisconsin football recruits could be heroes instead of Herros

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Wisconsin football is positioned to bring in some prime recruits, unlike the basketball program which keeps losing targets to other schools.

So about this Wisconsin basketball season, huh? Ugh, it’s awful. To throw salt on the wound, the Badgers lost out on Tyler Herro, one of the highest rated recruits in Wisconsin basketball history, to Kentucky and Sith Lord John Calipari.

This kind of thing can’t happen with football, Badger fans golden child at the moment.

Wisconsin football – usually known for a more ground and pound type offense – is uniquely positioned to have a sustainable, high-powered offense with uber-talented weapons at the skill positions.

Sure, there was the Russell Wilson year, when the Badgers scored mega points and Montee Ball did his best LaDainian Tomlinson impression. But while backs like Montee Ball are Wisconsin’s M.O., quarterbacks like Russell Wilson are not – and that was one year from graduate student transfer.

Wisconsin Badgers Football
Wisconsin Badgers Football /

Wisconsin Badgers Football

The Wisconsin football we know and love is smashmouth. The pinnacle of Wisconsin offenses (outside of the Russell Wilson year) have an adequate quarterback, one go-to gritty, if not speedy receiver, a dependable tight end, and a couple running backs who pound it out behind a burly offensive line.

Boring and formulaic, but enough to go 10-3 and beat USC or Auburn in a bowl game. Alabama-lite rather than Clemson or Oregon circa Chip Kelly.

But what if Wisconsin could maintain the Alabama-level defense and graduate to an Oregon-like offense? Well, fans may soon experience a brand of Wisconsin football that they’ll love even more.

Those shiny Jazz Peavy sweeps that felt out of place in Badgerland could soon feel normal. Wisconsin already has young, flashy toys like Quintez Cephus, Danny Davis, AJ Taylor, and Kendric Pryor. And Paul Chryst is hot on the recruiting trail for serious athletes on offense, a recipe for sustained success.

Since Graham Mertz, a highly promising 2019 QB recruit, committed to Wisconsin in October, he has received offers from Michigan, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Mizzou, and now Georgia. He earned sterling reviews at the U.S. Army National Combine and looks likely to successfully carry the torch after the Hornibrook-era. He remains a hard-commit despite those other enticing offers.

Chryst and Co. picked up another hard commit to contribute to their nascent dynasty in the form of North Carolina native Nolan Groulx. Groulx is a talented 2019 receiver who also has offers from West Virginia and South Carolina. Badger fans can daydream about the Mertz-Groulx connection.

Fans expect the Badgers to turn mid-level and four star tight end and running back recruits into high-performing college stars. It’s been seen with Owen Daniels, Travis Beckum, Garrett Graham, and Lance Kendricks, John Clay, Montee Ball, James White, Melvin Gordon, and Corey Clement.

However, what’s not expected is begin with top tier talent at quarterback and wide receiver, or to have them paired with extant offensive juggernauts like Jonathan Taylor. Well maybe it’s time to begin expecting just that.

The Wisconsin football program should continue showing recruits and commits a glossy version of Badger football that will take them to the promised land (which not only includes playing professional football, but also kicking some Urban Meyer behind) and which they will continue to build on.

Here’s to the heroes, and not the Herros, of the future.