Wisconsin Football: Could Quintez Cephus rejoin the Badgers?

BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 04: Quintez Cephus (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 04: Quintez Cephus (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

With Quintez Cephus’ trial over, could he re-join the Wisconsin football program?

Coming off of a breakout sophomore year, Wisconsin football was expecting big things from their star receiver. The night of April 21, 2018, derailed the promising career of Wisconsin receiver Quintez Cephus.

I’m sure we all know Cephus’ story, but he was recently acquitted of all charges. Now that Cephus is cleared, there is a big question that pops into Badger fans’ minds: could Cephus come back to the Badgers?

Cephus was suspended from the Wisconsin football team and also expelled from the University. Where does he go from here? In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Cephus stated that he wants to make sure he will get back into school.

"“Trying to get reinstated into school is the biggest thing right now so I can continue my education,” Cephus told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I think everything after that will follow.”"

He also talks about he still wants to pursue football, whether it is at Wisconsin or elsewhere.

"Cephus also said Monday he plans on playing football again and noted he has continued to train over the last year. He said he trained at a facility in Phoenix, Arizona, for the three months before his trial, adding that he was able to get into “the best shape of my life.”"

It seems like the pieces are all there for Cephus to make a comeback. Hopefully, it will be in the cardinal and white. There seems to be some positive progress towards that. He recently applied for readmission to Wisconsin.

If both parties can forgive and forget, I think Cephus could be a great addition to an already deep receiving corps, but there may not be room for him. Danny Davis, A.J. Taylor, Kendric Pryor, and Aron Cruickshank are all ready to roll this season.

He has been getting support to play again from many current Wisconsin football players.

He has also gotten support from former teammates like Dare Ogunbowale.

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Personally, I’d love to see Cephus make a comeback to this program and restore his name. Adding another receiving threat to this team will make life even easier on Jonathan Taylor and help bring this Wisconsin team back after a disappointing 2018 campaign.