Wisconsin football: Braelon Allen wins lifting bet

Wisconsin football targets had a friendly commitment wager. Here’s how it turned out.

A few days ago, Wisconsin football commit Braelon Allen, and target Isaac Hamm came up with a friendly wager to get Hamm to commit to the Badgers. The competition was based on the total number of bench press (225 pounds) and squat reps (405 pounds) each could do. The one with the highest total amount would win the bet.

Hamm is a 4-star defensive end out of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He is a part of the star-studded 2022 recruiting class from the state of Wisconsin.

Allen went first. He pumped out 16 squats and 14 bench press reps, giving him 30 total reps.

Today, was Isaac Hamm’s turn. Badger247’s Evan Flood was there for his lift. Hamm was feeling pretty confident about his chances.

Hamm went with bench press first. He put it up an impressive 19 times. That meant he needed just 12 squat reps to beat Allen and win the bet. Unfortunately for Hamm, he could squat 405 just nine times. He finished with 28 reps, two short of Allen.

Even though he lost, Hamm wasn’t quite ready to commit. Understandably, this was a huge decision for Hamm. Leaving it to competition seems a little reckless.  Hamm did say, however, that he’d narrow down his choices soon. I fully expect Wisconsin football to make his cut.

Currently, 247Sports’ Crystal Ball for Isaac Hamm is 100% in favor of Wisconsin with two predictions.