Carson Hinzman commits to Buckeyes over Badgers

Carson Hinzman has been a top target for the Wisconsin football team for a long time. A product from the state of Wisconsin, many considered Hinzman and Wisconsin to be a slam dunk. But as his recruitment went on, he started getting some big-time offers from schools like Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State.

The longer his recruitment lasted, the less confident Wisconsin fans felt that he was coming to Wisconsin. There were whispers that he really liked Ohio State and the fact that the Buckeyes had a great program and would give him a great chance to get to the NFL. Now, that’s not saying Wisconsin couldn’t, because they definitely could. But the Ohio State brand just carries a little extra weight. That’s just what happens when you are a blue-blood program.

Once Billy Schrauth, another in-state recruit, committed to Notre Dame, it felt like a door opened for the in-state talent to ‘get out.’ I’m sure there was a lot of pressure on Hinzman to stay in-state and play for the Badgers and if he went elsewhere, especially in the Big Ten, he would face criticism. But at the end of the day, it feels like he picked with his head over his heart.

Even though the Badgers lost out on Carson Hinzman, the Badgers should still be okay along the offensive line. Sure, Hinzman would have been a very nice piece to add, but the Badgers have been doing well recruiting the position for the past few seasons. And let’s not forget that the Badgers landed Joe Brunner, the top prospect in Wisconsin, the either ranked offensive tackle and the 75th overall recruit in the country.

It sucks to miss out on such a highly-rated prospect and one that came from the Badgers’ own backyard, but that is going to happen once in a while. Especially when a program like Ohio State comes sniffing around.

Wisconsin fans can be bummed out, but let’s not start trashing the kid. At the end of the day, he did what he thought was best for him. Committing to play football is a huge decision for a kid to make. It completely changes their life. It is and should be Carson’s decision and he doesn’t owe any of us a damn thing.