Badgers all-time round-by-round NCAA Tournament Record

Let's take a look at Wisconsin's history in the NCAA Tournament

Mar 17, 2024; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Wisconsin Badgers huddle together in the first half against the
Mar 17, 2024; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Wisconsin Badgers huddle together in the first half against the / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Badgers enter their first NCAA tournament appearance since 2022 seeking their first Sweet Sixteen appearance since 2017.

Wisconsin is back in the NCAA Tournament after a one-year hiatus and this year they were awarded a five seed, but they drew a tough matchup. The Badgers are set to play James Madison in the first round, but this is a team that is on a serious hot streak.

James Madison is one of the most feared auto-bid schools and it is fair to be scared, they are a great team. This is a team that likes to shoot threes and as mentioned in another post, I talked about the Badgers' Achilles heel being defending the three-point shot.

Now I will say, that Wisconsin proved me wrong on Achilles heels in the first round of the tournament because I also said they struggled with the three-point shot and then they went and made 16 threes in their first Big Ten Tournament game. However, Wisconsin still struggled defending the three-point shot and they can't afford to against the Dukes.

This will be a good matchup, but it is also a matchup that a lot of people have circled as an upset.

Wisconsin Badgers all-time NCAA tournament record

The Badgers have a solid record in the first round of the NCAA Tournament winning 18 of their 24 games. They look to continue that hot streak, however, the last time they were upset in the first round was in 2019 when they were also a five-seed.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Badgers have fared in their 25 appearances since the tournament expanded in 1985.

  • Round of 64: 18-6
  • Round of 32: 10-8
  • Sweet 16: 4-6
  • Elite 8: 3-1
  • Final Four: 1-2
  • National Championship: 0-1
  • Overall: 36-24

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how the Badgers have fared in some of the later rounds (since 1985).

What is Wisconsin's Sweet 16 record?

  • 2017 5-seed: L to 4-seed Florida, 84-83 OT
  • 2016 7-seed: L to 6-seed Notre Dame, 61-56
  • 2015 1-seed: W to 4-seed North Carolina, 79-72
  • 2014 2-seed: W to 6-seed Baylor, 69-52
  • 2012 5-seed: L to 1-seed Syracuse, 64-63
  • 2011 4-seed: L to 8-seed Butler, 61-54
  • 2008 3-seed: L to 10-seed Davidson, 73-56
  • 2005 6-seed: W to 10-seed NC State, 65-56
  • 2003 5-seed: L to 1-seed Kentucky, 63-57
  • 2000 8-seed: W to 4-seed LSU, 61-48

What is Wisconsin's Elite 8 record?

  • 2015 1-seed: W to 2-seed Arizona, 85-78
  • 2014 2-seed: W to 1-seed Arizona, 64-63 OT
  • 2005 6-seed: L to 1-seed North Carolina, 88-82
  • 2000 8-seed: W to 6-seed Purdue, 64-60

What is Wisconsin's Final Four record?

  • 2015 1-seed: W to 1-seed Kentucky, 71-64
  • 2014 2-seed: L to 8-seed Kentucky, 74-73
  • 2000 8-seed: L to 1-seed Michigan State, 53-41

What is Wisconsin's National Championship Game record?

  • 2015 1-seed: L to 1-seed Duke, 68-63

Prior to 1985, they competed in the tournament two times. Here’s a breakdown of how they fared.

  • Round of 48: 0-0
  • Round of 32: 0-0
  • Round of 24: 0-0
  • Sweet 16: 0-0
  • Elite 8: 2-1
  • Regional third place game: 1-0
  • National Championship: 1-0
  • Overall: 4-1

The Badgers won a championship before the modern era of the NCAA Tournament, but have experienced a National Championship game again since. They are itching to get back, could this year be the year? We will have to wait and see to find out.