Early Betting Lines Don't Like the Wisconsin Badgers

Badger football will be the underdogs quite a bit in 2024.
John Fisher/GettyImages

DraftKings sportsbook has released early betting lines for some of the big matchups of the 2024 football season. The season is still months away, but Wisconsin fans can get an early glimpse at what the sportsbook thinks about our beloved Badgers.

Alabama vs. Wisconsin

The first, and most obvious game to receive an early line, is the game against Alabama on September 14th. In this matchup, Alabama is favored by 8 points at Camp Randall. This seems about right considering powerhouse Alabama is going though considerable change after the retirement of Nick Saben. The Badgers will have home field advantage, but playing a top five team in the country will be an uphill battle.

USC vs. Wisconsin

In the second game listed against Big Ten newcomer USC on September 28th, the Trojans are 4.5 point favorites. Once again the Badgers are underdogs, but since the game is in southern California it seems as though Vegas thinks this game is pretty even. Caleb Williams is now a member of the Chicago Bears and now with some questions to answer on offense, the Badgers could steal one here.

Penn State vs. Wisconsin

Once again, the Badgers are listed as underdogs. DraftKings favors the Nittany Lions by 6.5 points in their matchup on October 26th. Penn State seems like a real wildcard this season and could be a top 10 team or struggling to keep a .500 record. Wisconsin is in a similar boat so it feels like this matchup could be a nail biter or a complete blowout for either team.

Oregon vs. Wisconsin

For the fourth straight time on this list, DraftKings prefers the Badger's oppenent. This time it's Oregon by a whopping 10.5 points. One of the newest members of the Big Ten, Oregon is already emerging as the favorite to win the conference. The Badgers will need all the help they can get in this one.


In the four games the DraftKings listed for the Badgers, the opponent is favored in all of them. That's fine by us, we'll see what actually happens this fall.