One Badger Makes CBS' Top 100 Players for 2024

With only one player receiving top marks, the Badgers will need to win as a unit.
John Fisher/GettyImages

CBS released a list of their top 100 players for the upcoming 2024 season and only one lone Badger made the cut. Wisconsin has never been known for having superstar talent like the Alabamas and LSUs of the world, but it just goes to show how their success, or lack therof this year, will be dependent on the depth and balance of the roster.

Ranked at number 42, cornerback Ricardo Hallman was the only Badger to place in the top 100 list. Coming off a monster season with seven interceptions, Hallman is a turnover machine. Wisconsin will need his coverage ability to offset questions along the defensive line, where pressure on the quarterback might not come easily.

It will certainly be an interesting year for the Badgers. Without the typical top end talent at running back and offensive line they usually have, the rest of the team will need to step up. With the spring portal just recently opened, Fickell and his staff may not be done adding talent to the roster. But make no mistake, after a lackluster 7-6 season expectations will be higher in year two of the new regime and it can't all fall on Hallman's shoulders. Everyone will need to perform at their best to avoid a very possible .500 season.

Former Badgers quarterback Graham Mertz also made the list at number 86.