Running Back Tawee Walker Provides New Details of His Decision to Leave Oklahoma for Wisconsin

In a new video, Tawee Walker details why he left OU for UW.
Brian Bahr/GettyImages

New Badgers running back Tawee Walker released some more details of his decision to transfer from Oklahoma to Wisconsin in a new video posted to his YouTube channel.

The running back explained how at Oklahoma he felt he should've been given more opportunities. "I really felt like I was, not trapped, but condensed, Walker explained. "Just not seeing my full potential." He lamented the fact that he seemed to be used as "just a third-down back" and felt underutilized.

At Wisconsin, Tawee will share the backfield with Chez Mellusi. How the duo will split time is yet to be seen, but you can be sure Walker will see his fair share of work. Walker said, "I chose Wisconsin because of course their tradition of being a running back school, but we have Coach [Phil] Longo who was at UNC. He did great things at UNC...with a 2-back system, both backs did amazing things...and that's kinda what we want to do here."

Walker and Mellusi could be a 1A and 1B type of backfield if Walker keeps showing reasons for Longo to put him on the field. He's already had a stellar spring and turned some heads.

Walker also talked about the relationship he had with Oklahoma running backs coach DeMarco Murray, "The running backs room was just hectic. We didn't know who was starting what game. "Nothing bad about DeMarco, I love DeMarco. He's a great coach, a great mentor." Ultimately it sounds like Walker enjoyed his time with DeMarco but wanted more structure and transparency.

It's refreshing to see some honesty and genuine thoughts from Walker who is excited to start a new chapter in Madison. Time will tell how he fits in with his new team.