Where Does Wisconsin Fall? Ranking the Big Ten Football Uniforms

Ranking all the Big Ten uniforms from worst to best.
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18. Rutgers

Kyle Monangai
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Rutgers uniforms are about as boring as the come. Simple red with a non-descript "R" for the logo is pretty forgettable.

17. USC

Makai Lemon
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Need I say more?

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16. Nebraska

Chubba Purdy
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Nebraska's uniforms are about as boring as Rutgers, but the red looks a little sharper. They also have some stripes that show they gave at least some effort into designing these.

15. Penn State

Harrison Wallace III
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Everyone knows Penn State has the most plain and generic uniforms ever, but due to its history and tradition we are legally obligated to not list them last.

14. Purdue

Deion Burks
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Purdue's black and gold is a solid color combination. Unfortunately for them, there are a few other black uniforms in the conference that edge them out.

13. Indiana

Donaven McCulley
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Indiana has a solid helmet design and a classic logo. How is this better than Rutgers and Nebraska you ask? Well, it's probably similar, but Indiana football has so little, just let them have this one.

12. Northwestern

Ben Bryant
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Purple in uniforms is always awesome. See: 90's Toronto Raptors, 00's Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Vikings etc.

11. Washington

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Both Washington and UCLA have gold featured prominantly. UCLA edges out Washington just because their helmet logo has a little more...flair.

10. UCLA

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9. Iowa

Kaleb Brown, Keith Randolph Jr.
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Black and yellow are just football colors. Plus, I like the Hawkeye logo rather than a simple letter.

8. Maryland

West Virginia v Maryland
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Maryland uniforms are always very polarizing. Some hate them, others love them. They're different for sure and I think that's the best part. The state flag's inclusion is very creative as well.

7. Illinois

Kaden Feagin
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Although the "I" logo leaves something to be desired. The orange and blue color combo is clean.

6. Minnesota

Tyler Nubin
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You just don't see maroon or burgundy jerseys that often and I think the Gophers do a nice job with it. I'd prefer the alternate logo rather than the largest "M" to ever go on a helmet though.

5. Ohio State

Jack Sawyer
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Ohio State, much like Penn State, has a terribly boring uniform but can't be hated on because of its tradition. The little Buckeye stickers do add something unique however.

4. Michigan State

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The Spartans have a great name, great logo and great color. It's just hard uniform to not like.

3. Wisconsin

Chez Mellusi
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Wisconsin has a good color scheme and the Motion W logo is unique. It's the main reason this beats out Nebraska or Indiana and especially Rutgers.

2. Michigan

J.J. McCarthy
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Michigan has a great color combination and one of the more unique helmets in the Big Ten. It's got tradition, but it also has style.

1. Oregon

Bo Nix
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Oregon has approximately 1.7 million different uniforms but they always look awesome. So while lacking in some tradition, they make up for it with a coolness factor. Find one bad picture of Marcus Mariota in a Ducks jersey I dare you.