Who Will Lead the Badgers in Sacks in 2024?

How will the Badger sack production change in 2024?
John Fisher/GettyImages

The Badgers have some new additions to the defense this year, and after a mediocre 2023, will look to get more sack production this season. No one on the roster had more than 4.5 sacks in Luke Fickell's first full season. Wisconsin tied for 44th in the FBS in total sacks and with an injection of new talent should easily eclipse that number. So how will the sacks break down among the defense?

John Pius: 7.5 Sacks

The transfer from William and Mary will bring edge talent to the Badgers that they desperately need. Pius will have a real shot at leading the team in sacks after posting 21 in the past two seasons for the Tribe.

Leon Lowery: 6 Sacks

Lowry, another transfer, had an impressive spring and will help to give the Badgers more pressure on the outside. He had 3.5 sacks with Syracuse last season, but could improve upon that in a better system.

Daryl Peterson: 5.5 Sacks

The Badgers' sack leader from last season with 4.5, Peterson should be able to post similar numbers and possibly more with the newly added help off the edge.

James Thompson Jr.: 3.5 Sacks

Thompson was one of the few bright spots along the defensive line for the Badgers in 2023 and should headline the group again. He had 3.5 sacks last season and I don't see a reason he couldn't do it again.

Jaheim Thomas: 3 Sacks

Another transfer to the linebacker group, Thomas had a career-high 3.5 sacks for Arkansas last season. He's proved he can get to the quarterback in an elite conference.

Jake Chaney: 1.5 Sacks

Chaney had three sacks for the Badgers last season but with much more competition at linebacker this year, he may take a back seat to some of the other rushers. Still, Chaney will rack up tackles all over the field.

All Others: 7 sacks

The rest of the defense could combine for about 7 sacks giving the defense a total of 34 sacks, and 5 more than in 2023. This would have been good for 18th in the country in 2023 and seems closer to what fans would expect from a Badger defense.