2015 NFL Draft: Most Likely First Round Landing Spots for Melvin Gordon

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Indianapolis Colts: Round 1, pick 29

Indianapolis hasn’t been a great place for running backs lately, but that could change if Matt Miller is correct and Melvin Gordon lands with the Colts at pick 29.

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Trent Richardson led the team with 519 yards last season, but his NFL career has been a disappointment. When healthy (key: when), Ahmad Bradshaw has been good for the Colts, and Daniel “Boom ” Herron was good in the limited time we saw him.

Neither Bradshaw or Herron look like featured backs at this point (Herron may grow into the role, Bradshaw is solid as the second fiddle) and the Colts will likely address the running back position this offseason.

As Miller said, “The Colts need a bell cow, and Gordon is a much better option than Trent Richardson.”

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